Prior to my nearing end of life dreams of my beloved soulmate, I was not by any stretch of the mind a religious person. However, I did ask for the intercessions of (at the time Blessed Padre Pio, now cannonized a Saint in the Catholic Church) for my Son who was having some of life's growing pains.

In early February I had a dream that a female was in much pain and dying. I did not know who it was but I knew someone I know was in much pain, in bed and dying. When I awoke, I remembered the dream and it disturbed me. I thought someone I know is going to die. The female person was very frail and in pain.

In mid February, I visited my local Sam Club and I picked up the DVD "Remembering Hearts in Atlantis" When I picked it up, I felt that it would be a good movie. The movie somehow called me and I purchased it. I enjoyed the movie and I thought it was money well spent to add to my collection. In February, I had the dream again, of a female wasting away, dying. I remembered the dream when I woke up very disturbed. In March I had another dream of a female dying and in great pain. It was very painful for her to get washed and a clean night gown put on her by a nurse . This dream was more vivid than the others. I was so sure it was real that I told my wife that I had a reoccurring dream that someone I know was dying.

In April, I had another dream and the female person died. She blew out her last breath in pain, and it sounded like sweet musical notes going downward. There was a man with white hair standing by her side and he looked at me and smiled. I immediately woke up and the dream disturbed me, and again, I remembered it. ( This was a Friday morning) I was relieved that this person died because I felt that these dreams would now be over as with the suffering.

On Saturday, I woke up and prepared for the day. As I was getting dressed, a thought entered my mind, " Jesus Wept" This thought kept racing through my mind as I got dressed. I drove to the restaurant for breakfast and I picked up the local paper, I read the front page. I casually glanced through the obituary column and I found the name of my first girlfriend, my first innocent love. My first true love. I was shocked and saddened. She died of cancer. I read the obituary. We had both married other people. But, I never really stopped loving her. I just wouldn't let my mind think about her because she was married.. and she was married to a prominent man.

I couldn't finish breakfast, I was too upset. I hopped in my truck to pick up some bricks at the local brick yard for my weekend project. While I was driving there, my thoughts were about her. It had been years since I spoke to her or saw her. The last time I saw her, she was out with her hubby and they bought my wife and I a drink. I continued driving, then I had a thought to myself, in what context should I remember Cindy.. a quote from the movie "Remembering Heart in Atlantis" was spoken in my mind by Cindy's voice "her kiss will be the one by which all others will be judged in your life and all with be left wanting." When I experienced this, I began to weep and cry tears, and I mentally told Cindy, Yes, that's true. I was not the kind of man to cry. I was crushed, I had many high hopes for her in her professional life. She was very smart and affable.

Saturday came, I did not attend her viewing, I thought she would have me remember her in her health. However, when I was working on my outdoor project, I sensed Cindy's spirit around me and I literally envisioned her face come right up to mine. I was wondering if I should attend her wake but I was inspired not to attend because I felt that Cindy would want my memory of her as she was in her health.

I was able to sneak out of work on Monday morning and attend part of her funeral service in church. I was too late to attend her wake. There was a white cloth (a pall) on her casket. I stayed for most of the mass and prayed for her. I left the mass at after the Lord's prayer was said and after the parishoner's exchanged the sign of peace. (Later my memory was jogged, when Cindy and I attended church together, we would exchange our sign of peace with a kiss.)

I didn't dwell on her and I accepted her death. I kept on praying the rosary and asking for St. Pio's intercessions. Prior to my ADC dream with Cindy, I had a dream that I saw St. Pio's gloved hand wave at me. It was my understanding that I was about to be blessed and I was beyond my wildest dreams.

About 40 days later I had another dream.

About June 6th, I had a dream, I was in bed and the bedroom was slightly dark. The bedroom door opened up. On the other side of the door was bathed in white light. She came in the room and she was wearing her black prom dress. My memories of her was that she was most beautiful in her prom dress. She was beautiful. She was smiling at me and she said, "Come here and give me a kiss" I said no, I have bad breath. Again she smiled and asked, "Come here and give me a kiss." I sat up in bed and I embraced her. I felt myself kiss her and I was familiar with her lips and form. It was something that I longed for since we were no longer romantically involved. It felt so right and so familiar. Like two pieces of a jigsaw puzzle that fit perfectly together. As I kissed her, she disappeared into me. She said, "That was sweet." I immediately woke up. I knew that was definitely her spirit. There was not a doubt in my mind.

This dream also made me miss her more. What a beautiful experience that dream was.


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