My son Cody, 12 years old was killed suddenly and tragically on July 13th 2000. A few weeks before he was killed he begged & pleaded with me to allow him to get one of his ears pierced. He was a stylish kid and always cared about how he looked. Finally I gave in & said okay. He was so happy. We went to a couple of salons to see if anyone could pierce his ear.

They all claimed they did piercing but no one had anyone working at the time who could do it. Cody was so sad. As soon as I said he could have it done he wanted it that day. The next day was the last day of school & he would be out for summer vacation. He just HAD to show off that he was cool. I used to be a Hairdresser & worked in a salon for 5 years so I had a little experience in piercing though I didn't have the "gun" to do it. I did have a pair of starter studs with the bigger posts and sharp end. Cody begged & pleaded just do it with a needle! "I will be tough!" I saw how badly he wanted that earring so I said okay. I got a needle, sterilized it, got ice. I pierced his ear like that. He was BRAVE and proud. It wasn't easy; the stud didn't want to go in at first. I had to force it. Cody didn't flinch. All he could think about was the next day at school. This was June 8th. I told him he had to keep that stud in for two months before he could change to a different earring. He knew this was true because his buddy Brian changed earrings too soon & he got a terrible infection.

Well, when Cody was killed the accident was so horrible they wouldn't let me see him. I didn't get to see him till 5 days later at the funeral home. The boy laying there in the casket did not even hardly resemble my sweet son. My husband & I didn't believe at first, that it was him. I wanted to die too. I finally got the courage to really check him out. Something I had to do. I touched him, held his hand. It was his hand. He had beautiful hands. They put so much makeup on every bit of his skin it was terrible. Then I leaned over the casket and noticed his earring was missing. It wasn't there. I was devastated because that earring was important to him. Never, ever would he have taken it out. Starter studs have very tight locking backs. I knew that even though his death was horrible his earring wouldn't just fall out. 

Immediately I asked the Funeral home director "where is Cody's earring?" He said, "He didn't have one on here, but I do have an envelope with all of his personal belongings that were on him when he died, which they sent from the medical examiners." He gave me the gold envelope. I was crying so hard. We all were; my whole family was there.

When I got home I poured the contents of the envelope out onto the table. There was about .75 change, a dollar bill, a chain he wore around his neck that had his blood on it, a couple of bolts and washers. That's all; no earring. I cried & cried. I hadn't slept in 5 days. About 2 A.M. I couldn't sleep & decided to go on the computer for the first time since Cody was killed. I keep my computer room very organized & neat. I looked up from the monitor and sitting right in plain sight on a shelf was Cody's starter stud. I picked it up and examined it. It was dirty. It was definitely his earring. I searched through my jewelry box & sure enough the shiny new mate was still there.

The next day was the funeral. Our immediate family had to come early for a prayer. I brought along the earring. I went up to Cody and put the earring back in his ear. I was scared & shaking but it went in with ease as though someone was helping me do it.

I know that Cody put his earring on my desk so I would know he was trying to contact me. There is no other explanation. Since then Cody has made his presence known many times in different ways.

Cody is the love of my life, always will be. We had a strong bond. He always made sure he told me that he loved me and he was proud of me. I was just as proud of him. He was a caring, kind, sharing and loving child. He attracted people like a magnet. His smile would light up a whole room. I miss him dearly but I know that I will be with him soon.

Jessica, Karan and Cody


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