Many times a person who is a friend can receive an ADC with a message to give to another. This ADC that Mo received from my Jim is a good example:

Mo was attempting to set up a web account for her son, Richie's memorial site. It was an extremely frustrating experience - one that took over a month or so to resolve. Both Mo and I couldn't understand what was going on, especially since I had an account with the same webhost provider and it was set up within 24 hours. It was all due to a very small character, a hyphen, but it took a lot of time, phone calls, emails and several technicians to realize that. Here's an email that Mo sent me when finally, after many days of phone calls, a person from outside the department "mysteriously" stepped in to help:

Hey Jude,

I got the e-mail also. I was on the phone with them today. I have been trying for 3 days and no answer. Anyway, I finally got an answer today and got this tech Jimr [name on email address].  What a lifesaver. The problem was richiesplace vs richies-place. We were in as richiesplace but it was already taken so I just put the dash in it and e-mailed them. He said that they never even checked and we were still richiesplace. That is why it did not connect to the server. He said that he had heard that people were having a lot of problems with e-mails being answered and he didn't know who was taking them. He had me on the phone for about an hour while he checked. So, he is going to write an entirely new ticket and put us on a new server so that all the confusion re: - will be totally off their records. 

But, he said: "Ok, is there anything you have to transfer or copy before I close this site? "Ugh.........oh no............poor Jude!! " That is all that I could say to him. He didn't know what I was talking  bout and he just laughed. So, I went on to explain to  him that my friend was helping me with this and I had no clue. What should I save, copy, yikes!!!!!!! So, he said that he would disable the site to keep everything in there and then open another. It sounded like the safest to me so I said: "Please e-mail Judy also." He said "sure." He said that the temp will be up in 24 and the .com in 48. I hope so. He then transferred me to accounting and I held for 30 minutes. So, I hung up and will call tomorrow. Last time I spoke with accounting, they didn't even have me in the computer so I don't know how they will bill me.  

Anyway, getting back to this guy. He was just so helpful and I felt that I had finally found someone that knew what they were talking about. I couldn't thank him enough. So, I said, "Tell me, what is your name just in case we run into trouble, I can tell Judy." He said "JIM. Tell her if there is any problem just call JIM." Those words  went flying thru my whole body - chills and all. I said "Thank you JIM. I will tell her!!!!!!!!" I could not believe my ears. So, I am relaying the message from JIM.  

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT????????????????????? 

Note:  Jim took care of the problem and the site was up within six hours; after over a month delay! Talk about sending in the Marines!! Also, Mo found out a few days later that the technicians that had previously helped Mo didn't know Jim - he was obviously outside of their department and they seemed a little confused as to why this person stepped in - or would have the technical expertise to complete Mo's transaction without their prior knowledge.

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