Pearl's ADC
with her mother

Well putting my doubts aside, but knowing what I saw:

My mother passed away in 1977. I saw her face above her casket. Then at the cemetery I saw her standing in the middle of two men dressed in dark suits, she smiled at me. I thought I was going crazy when I saw her. I screamed out to one of my aunts and said, "Oh my God I just saw Mama." I mentioned the men in the dark suit. My aunt ask me to look around and see if I saw them. I looked around and said, "No, I don't see them."

Then when I was 7 months with the twins I was put in the hospital because the doctor was afraid I was going to lose them. That night in my room, dream or not, my mother came to me. I saw a clear mist, I could see thru it. I remember looking around at the room. I remember seeing a chair in the corner of the room. The windows were right by my bed. The clear mist seem to go from the chair to the side of my bed. I remember saying "Mama you didn't have to come." She said, "You knew I would be here". I said, "But you had such a long way to come." She said, "It's not that far." 

Then the next morning the lady in the room with me told me she was scared to death during the night. I ask her why? She said she thought I had company. She said it was very late; she heard voices from my side. I told her maybe I was talking in my sleep. She said she heard two different voices. She pushed the curtain back to see who was with me, and no one was there. She was really scared! You see my Mother was always with me when I gave birth. Of course I did not have the twins then, I went home from the hospital.

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Joel Vernon Wigenton Jr.



Music: Forever and a Day
Bruce De Boer