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Hi, welcome to my place. My name is Johnny, and I guess I should begin by telling you just a little about myself. You will probably be surprised to hear that in 1968 I was killed in action while serving with the Marines in the Vietnam War. So you could say I'm ghostwriting on these pages, with Barb's help.

Before I went to Vietnam and got myself killed there, I was just an average guy like anyone else, had not been to too many places or done anything very outstanding. I played Varsity sports for my high school, and I liked to go fishing. I also liked the movies, saw just about everything that came out. And I loved my family -- the greatest people in the world. Family and friends are what make life worth living.

The place where I am now, some would call the Afterlife, or Heaven. It has a lot of names, and all of them are right. You can learn more about it at Marine Afterlife, and also about Soldier Grace, that's been my area of operation since I arrived. Just click that mouse thing on the link. But on these pages here, I'm going to share some things about the Vietnam War.  Some of what gets shared here is mine, some of it is from friends of mine, some of it is from Barb -- all of it is from the heart and is being shared with you here to push your understanding to some new places, some deeper places. 


Marine Afterlife

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Photos From My Tour in Vietnam

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This was home away from home, the bunker where I lived at Khe Sanh. Don't think I had all that space to myself, it was shared with Doc G and another guy. The three of us dug it out and filled all those sandbags. Hot work! That's my radio on the right of the door with the antenna sticking up. Photo is courtesy of Doc G.

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There's a sight you don't see every day -- real ivory! Me and Doc G and some other guys found this dead elephant. That's me on the left. One of the guys had a mama who needed new teeth -- dentures. So we let him send the ivory home, and she had her new teeth made from some of it. Boy, you should have seen the big smile she had in the picture she sent back!  Photo courtesy of Doc G again.

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This was taken near Cam-Lo during a sweep and destroy. It's a dry field with a rice crop and a lot of hope for a good year.  You seldom found such a peaceful sight!

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Get a load of that vehicle! This was taken during that same operation just mentioned above.

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This is a V.I.P.'s plane at Phu-Bai.

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And there is Doc G himself, with a king cobra he killed.  I am not in this picture because I wasn't coming anywhere near that thing even if it was dead!  Doc survived the war to come home to his family -- he deserved it, he had to play God too many sad times.  If you have room on your list, say a prayer for Doc now and then.  What I say to him, then and forever, is "Thanks."



Poetry and Reflections


A Letter Home


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