Lucid Dreaming

I have had two lucid dreams that were pretty real to me. The first was several months ago in October, 1999. I had been reading Robert Peterson's book,  Out of Body Experiences, and was repeating the exercise No. 21, A Ship's Bow. One night, I had a very lucid dream and I was on a boat with Jim - I was practicing on the boat and he was helping me. We were across from each other and it was difficult keeping up with the sway of the boat. Before I knew it, the boat had docked - and as I was climbing up the dock, I said "Wait, I haven't given you a proper kiss!" Jim responded, with a laugh, that it would have to wait until the next time.

I have been listening to the Monroe Institute meditation tape set - Discovery - Wave I - to see if that could help with out of body experiences. Sometime in March, 2000, while listening to Tape No. 3 and doing the exercise on the Resonant Energy Balloon (REBAL), I was imagining the REBAL according to instructions. All of a sudden, the imagery "got away from my imagination" and took on a life of it's own. The balloon took form as a giant umbrella (only enclosed) structure - with purple gossamer fabric and along the spines were flowers. It was beautiful! And instantly, one of Jim's photos were right before my face, and Jim stepped out of the photo and into the REBAL! He looked great wearing his uniform and was smiling. He put his arm around me and started to kiss me -and I just laughed. Well...that was that for the REBAL - as the whole imagery disappeared before my very disappointed eyes!

Around the 1st of May 2000, I had another lucid dream with Jim. I was in a darkened auditorium and they were honoring Americans who died in Vietnam. And it was announced that five of them were with us in the audience (which we all seemed to take in stride that they were with us). And the last name announced was Jim's! I was surprised that he was there -and when he stood up, he was in my row, only several seats to my right. He went to the stage and was given his award. He returned to where I was sitting - only to my left and was smiling as he looked down on me. I saw that his award was in a footlocker! The dream faded out.

Just a week after this dream, I was contacted by a history teacher (David) in San Antonio who was working on a memorial to those who had died in Vietnam and were San Antonio residents. Unknown to David, until he visited me memorial page for Jim, they both attended the same high school - only Jim's class was two years later. Jim's sophomore photo was in David's graduating yearbook.

I asked David about a memorial that honored those who died in active service in Jim's high school district. Previously, Jim's name was not on the memorial and his grandmother has asked me to be sure that it was placed on the memorial. I had not had a chance to go back to San Antonio to do that, but it was on my mind. David called the person in charge and was informed that Jim was not on the memorial, but they would add his name - and also that his name would be added to the list that would be read at the Memorial Day observance. 

That very day, David decided to see for himself  - and lo and behold, Jim's name had already been added perhaps Jim's grandmother took care of it before her death in December, 1997, or perhaps the school authorities had enough information when I went with her)/ David was kind enough to take photos for me and I have them on page 3 of Jim's memorial page. I can't help but think that my lucid dream and David's email about his memorial were somehow connected.

In the middle of May, I woke up from a dream. As I was coming out of it, I thought to myself that now would be a good idea to do an exercise in Tape No. 5 of the Monroe Institute tapes. As soon as I did that exercise, I was out of body! Yipeee! The first time for me. It happened very vast - I went flying (well, that was how it felt) through my bedroom door - and I do mean through. When I got to the other side of the door, I said to myself, "Whooa" - which promptly caused me to whoosh back into my body. So much for my traveling. Nothing looked out of the ordinary - the house was dark and it looked exactly the same. The whole experience couldn't have lasted but a few seconds.

Well, that's about it for my recent experiences - will keep you posted. I hope that they somehow will help others - and perhaps the links to the resources that have helped to facilitate these dreams and experiences will help others as well.

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