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My Mom and Dad
Lucille and Thomas

This photograph was taken right after their marriage in September, 1936. They were married in the church, but it was not a formal wedding - times were too difficult financially. My mother was 20 and my father was 25. I can't imagine having a better mother - she was an absolute angel on earth - and I have missed her presence in my daily life since I was 15. It was a little different relationship between my father and me - rather difficult. With the passage of years, I know that he did the best of his ability. He always provided such a beautiful home for Mom and us kids - and a good middle class living. He came a long way from being that young boy raised in poverty in Texas. My mother passed away in November, 1967 and my father in December, 1971.

My Maternal Grandparents
Grandma and Pop
John  and Myrtle

This photo was taken at my grandparents wedding on November 10, 1910. This is my very favorite photograph of them. My grandfather was 21 and my grandmother was 16. I found out many years after my grandmother died that she was extremely self-conscious as a young girl - perhaps this is why she wasn't smiling in her wedding photograph. This image of my grandparents is the one that I hold in my heart and mind - not the image I have of them as older grandparents. For in the Afterlife, we will be young again - and I love thinking that way about my grandparents! My grandmother passed away in December, 1965 and my grandfather in April, 1971.



Three Kids
Mike, Judy and Tom

This is a relatively recent photo of my two brothers and myself. Tom is the oldest, Mike is the middle child and I am the "baby." Tom is 8 years older than me and Mike is 6 years older. I have to admit that they have been pretty good brothers throughout the years. Of course, I could have done without the "torture" that I endured at their hands when I was younger - but I guess every kid sister suffers from that! I am much shorter than my brothers - I was standing on a 3 or 4 inch step behind them!

Tommy, Judy, Mike

My Cousin, Jo
Jo crossed over in March, 1999
She's the cousin that is mentioned in my ADCs
and we were reunited about 4 years before her death.
She experienced a near-death experience and also
afterdeath communication from her 
first, true love and childhood sweetheart, Michael

Another Side of Jo!

My Cousin, Jerry
Jo's brother, died in October, 1968
Jerry's the one that appeared to me in August, 1993

My "other" grandmother, Moe
Moe crossed over in Spring of 1968
and Man-Moe in Spring of 1968
I do not have a photo of him

Dancing costumes designed and made by my Mom

Mom didn't make them just for me - for my brothers as well!

Grandma's Family
She's in her mother's lap

Pop's Family
He's the one standing in the back

My Mom & Uncle Phil

My Mom, Uncle Phil & Aunt Dorcas

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