Harriet received this communication from her beloved husband, Thomas, when he crossed over into the next world. Since then, Harriet has received other letters telling her how wonderful the Afterlife is.

I have a house on the hill
I can see the sea
I can see the trees
I paint the view.

I can see a mirror in your room
I have mirrors in my room
I can see you through my mirrors
I can feel your emotions
I am in the sunshine
I am warm and happy.

I was in my house
I was in my house on the hill
I looked for you in my mind.

I've picked you flowers
Roses, pink and white
They grow by my house
on the hill
in the garden, by the house
I grow them for you.

I am in my house looking at you
I am in my room with the mirrors
I see your mind in concentration
I will make your mind open up to me
I will make you used to my entering your mind
I will come into your mind
And you will know mine!