Even though this request was made in 1999, it is still important, if not more important this year. Please, if you knew someone who gave their all in Vietnam, please stop by the Virtual Wall today and leave your remembrance. It's important that these young men and women be remembered. Thank you.

Posted by Charles Taliano on Friday, 21 May 1999, at 10:37 p.m
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And we found them. They arrived at MCRD Parris Island, or MCRD San Diego, or OCS Quantico. They were from cities; the farm; they were just out of high school; some from college. They were single; they were married; some were fathers. All were America's sons. We trained them and they knew they were the best. We ordered them to the Western Pacific to fight. 

And fight they did. Many times without a clear mission. 
And fight they did. They met the enemy on jungle trails; in the rice paddies; on the mountainsides. 
And fight they did. They raised Hell at places named Con Thien; Chu Lai; Hue; Khe Sanh; and Dong Ha to name a few. 
And fight they did. They sustained almost 90,000 WIA and over 13,000 KIA. There are still the MIA. What they and any of us who earned the Eagle, Globe, and Anchor learned, is MARINES do not forget their own.  

Go to http://thewall-usa.com/  

If you know a Marine who gave his all, or a Navy Corpsman who died right along side our best, go to his site, click through the Info page Bar to the Personal Comments Bar...Leave your message.  

For our younger...current active duty Marines...choose one of our fallen Brothers by searching for one from your hometown; or one who was KIA on the day/month of your birthday...just find one. Leave your message.  

The number of MARINES who have "NO ENTRIES HAVE BEEN MADE FOR THIS HERO" is one too many. That is cold and too stark for the supreme sacrifice each of them made. Let us make it a point that all 13,000 plus MARINES on that Wall will not be without a personal message.  

Spread the Word. MARINES never forget. We remember our own. We can have each of our MARINES on that Wall, with a personal message by this Memorial Day. If anyone needs help searching the Wall..just ask. 

If you need to see an example, search the Wall for Hochmuth, Bruno MajGen. Or Morelock, Willard SSgt. Or Gault, Clinton SSgt.  

Let's just do it! 

Semper Fidelis....DI SGT T

Our Thanks to Terry Lockridge for bringing this to our attention!
And please, if you know anyone who gave his or her all regardless of military branch, 
please stop by the Wall today and leave your remembrance. We also want to recommend
that you visit:  Faces of Freedom 
at the

Please remember, honor and give thanks to the men and women who have served our nation so nobly - for those who made the supreme sacrifice, for those who came home disabled and for those who have ever served in peace as well as war. Let us also remember the family and friends of the ones who have made these sacrifices - their pain is real and lasting - etched into their souls as well.
Let us pray that eventually war will be no more and that we will one day never send our sons and daughters to die in a foreign land.

Greater love hath no man that this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
John 15:13


That one's country should be loved, not as one loves himself, but more than himself, is a law inscribed on the human heart; from which has come the well-known principle, which every true man endorses that if a country is threatened from an enemy or any other source, it is noble to die for it and glorious for a solider to shed his blood for it. This is said because so great should be one's love for it. It should be known that those who love their country and render good service to it from good will, after death love the Lord's kingdom, for then that is their country; and those who love the Lord's kingdom love the Lord Himself, because the Lord is the all in all things of His kingdom.

Emanuel Swedenborg 


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