Our Precious Angel
December 28, 1976 - January 21, 1996
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   Jessica was a beautiful young lady, whose heart and smile was filled with love and grace. She was very devoted to her family and friends, and was a perfect role model for other teenagers. She was in her freshman year of college at Indiana University Southeast when she was taken from us in a split second due to an auto accident.
   In her nineteen years here on earth she taught us the true meaning of love and compassion. Now she reaches out to us from Heaven, guiding us who are left behind. Our love for her grows stronger with each passing day.
   Words could never describe the pain and sorrow we feel from missing her. But yet we go on, doing the things that would make Jessica proud of us. She will live in our hearts and souls forever.
   Until we are reunited with Jessica again, her love shines down on us from Heaven and gives us the strength we need to face each new day.

We Love You Jessica! Mom, Heather, Emily, Erin, Aunt Kim, Aunt Joanie, Leah, Sara, Sean and all the rest of your family and friends

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Jessica, 14; Heather, 12 and Emily, 9

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Jessica and her mother, Robin
May, 1995

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Jessica and Allison
Class of '95

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I know it feels I am so far away,
I promise you Mom, I am with you each and every day.
My love for you grows stronger with every tear you shed,
I promise you Mom, we will be together again.

So when that joyful day comes,
I promise you Mom, you will understand,
We will be together in God's beautiful land.
No more sorrow, no more tears.

I promise you Mom, you will have no fears.
So until we stand hand in hand,
Promise me Mom, you will understand.

Author - Jessica's Aunt Kim
Dedicated to our beloved angel,
Jessica Ann

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