I want to thank you my darling Rhoda. Its been three and one half years since your passing and without your many ADC's to me I never could have made it this far. I didn't know your death could so completely devastate me. The depth of my love for you is continually being revealed to me as our time apart grows longer. For so long I was hoping I wouldn't survive....I just wanted to come home to you. But you've shown me in so many different ways just how alive you are and how much you have helped me since that December day in 1996 when you left for God's glorious kingdom.

I'm sorry I've been so self destructive these last few years....I've found it so difficult to endure without you. But our unconditional love for each other has lead me to the truth....and that truth has set me free. I seek God in all that I do now and He is slowly making me into a better person.

I needed God more than I could possibly have imagined. He was always there just waiting for me to knock on that door. Well after you left...I wasn't just knocking on that door I was ready to ram it down with a bulldozer if that's what it took to get to the truth. And sure enough the truth came....it took two years of searching but it came at a level that simple floored me. I see God's plan now and I thank Him for leading me to His truths and for his good and faithful servant....Emanuel Swedenborg...as his writings were so helpful to me.

I thank you Rhoda for all your wonderful ADC's that surely saved my life....Like the time about three months after your passing...when it finally hit me that you weren't coming home...I started to cry uncontrollably and was pleading with God to take care of you and heal you....when at the moment I ended my prayer the phone rang and nobody was on the other side. Well I knew it was you saying you were alright and you helped me for the first time to see that you truly were still alive!!

And the time you kissed me on my cheek on the one

year anniversary of your passing. That was such a difficult day for me and I was ready to plan a way to be with you. Your kiss tingled and went right through to my spirit. It was the most loving kiss of my life and it surely saved my life.

And thank you for the times when I would just drop to the floor too grieved to go to bed and just lay there hoping to die....and you would come to me with a breath of air or a beautiful fragrance in my face. I'm sorry Rhoda it must have been painful to see me like that...but once again you pulled through for me in my times of greatest need.

And thank you on that Valentines Day when I brought you flowers and was so sad that I couldn't hold you and tell you one more time how much I love you...but you let me know you were there when the kitchen light started to flash on and off and then blew out. And again you rang the phone to thank me for those wonderful flowers. You've always been there for me in my times of greatest despair.

And when the depression hit and I didn't want to get out of bed you would always send those bell chimes in my head to awake me. And yes it was most effective in getting me to leap out of bed and not sleep the day away.

And thank you for reminding me to get my eye

operation....yes I was procrastinating....but that ended when you shattered the lens of my glasses over the eye that needed the operation. The operation was a success thanks to you Rhoda....but I still don't know how you left a crack in that lens in the shape of an "R". Believe me I knew it was you with or without that "R".

And when I prayed to God to heal you and love you...that night not too long ago...I was so thankful for your "Angel Hug".....that amazing surge of energy that slowly went from my toes to my head....WOW....I now know what its like to have your spirit hugged while still in my physical body!! 

Well my darling Rhoda....I realize now I have to stay here awhile...too many things to get done for my Father. I really do want to be His good and faithful servant. So I will try to keep busy in that effort and to help spread the truth of the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. After that lucid dream with you awhile back there's no question in my mind that these truths are to be spread to all who come knocking.

The ADC's listed above are just a small portion of the many many ways you have helped me these last three and one half years since your passing. I love you Rhoda and I thank you for all your help.

And I am so grateful to my God...my creator....for the wonderful signs He gave me to show His presence and His love for all creation. For the Divine is of an inexhaustible glory and would not and could not keep it to itself. He is the very essence of love...a love that wants to communicate its own to another....to impart all it can of itself. I thank Him for giving me the ability to see the aura's of all His living creation and the time He made my pastors aura turn green just as he was talking about the significance of green in the colors of the rainbow. I was elated when I saw that aura and it confirmed for me how loving and personal our God is. And I thank Him for the rainbow He sent me when I asked for a sign of his presence. He came through with the most beautiful rainbow I've ever seen.

Thank you again for all those wonderful ADC's.....they surely saved me in more ways than one....and led Rhoda and I to Your truth.....and the truth has set us free....

I love you forever.....
Your fiancÚ.....Rich

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