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     The Legacy


     "May I have this dance," he said,
     And I looked up to see
     His smiling face, his warm kind eyes,
     His hand held out to me.

     I thought that it was just a dream 
     Because, of course, he's dead.
     But he ignored my doubting mind
     And helped me up, instead.

     And then we were dancing
     In the last rays of the light
     Alone there, matching step for step
     Along the brim of night.

     I saw we were at Khe Sanh,
     On the ground near Charlie Med.
     Behind us, a few yards away
     The air was strangely red.

     Bombs were falling over there, 
     Guns spoke beyond the wire;
     Explosions rent the scenery, 
     Smoke billowed, laced with fire.

     But he paid no attention, 
     He only looked at me, 
     And I found when I moved closer
     He was all that I could see.

     He lifted me and held me
     Safely from all harm,
     And swung me 'round in circles
     Cradled in his arms.

     Against my cheek and shoulder
     The flak jacket was so hard;
     His fatigues were creased and dusty
     And his helmet scratched and scarred.

     But his gaze was soft with wisdom,
     And his grip was firm and strong
     And we danced as One before the war
     That raged there at Khe Sanh.

     I forgot the bombs and death,
     Forgot the pain and fear,
     And only knew his arms and eyes,
     And joy that he was here.

     We danced upon the red, red ground
     And as we danced, peace came.
     The rockets stopped, the guns grew still
     And then the silence reigned.

     And still we danced, past mortared hills
     And trenches dug in deep,
     Where old shells glitter in the light
     And buried bunkers sleep.

     It seemed to be a dream at times,
     But then it was so real --
     "You're right," he whispered in my ear,
     "There's truth to be revealed."

     "My blood was spilled on Khe Sanh hills,
     I died so long ago...
     How could I be here now like this?
     Your heart cries out to know."

     He touched his finger to my lips,
     He smiled and swung me 'round.
     "The answers to your questions
     Are waiting to be found."

     "There is no death, the worlds just change,"
     He said, "So take a chance.
     I'll show you how it's done," he said,
     "If I may have this dance."

    Barb 2/23/00

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