My dear Net friend, Magge wrote this for her grandson and 
I am honored that she has given me permission to place at Egogahan.

I wrote this in 1982 when Joshua was 3 years old. He went camping every weekend with PaPa and I. He fell asleep in my bed. Looking at his precious face, I wrote the following:


The sparkle of your eyes all day,
has closed in sleep so tight.
Blond hair as soft as corn silk
Illuminates the night.

A pillow holds your little head,
which tossed about all day.
The clowns on your blanket, snug under your chin,
Now chase all the demons away.

Your cherub lips are silenced,
asleep in peaceful bliss.
I believe I saw an angel,
sweep by and plant a kiss!

Tiny hands that held tightly to mine,
just an hour ago, or so,
now reach out for children's dreams
Where Grammas' cannot go.

Where do you go? Grandson of mine,
after you fall asleep.
Do you sail a ship? Do you fly a plane high?
Or do you sit upon a cloud with angels in the sky?

Fear not my precious one.
You are not lost, you have not gone astray.
You will be safe, you will return,
My love will light the way.

Before the night is over,
before the sun does shine,
I shall say a prayer to thank the Lord

Tragically, Joshua, age 18, was murdered on July 1, 1998, the victim of teen violence. Please visit Magge's memorial and tribute to Joshua Harris Telinda.


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