by Sheri

As you know I have had a major stroke two years ago this Halloween. I had a second in June, 1998. I was just interviewed for an upcoming article in the magazine Stroke Connection. It is about Fear and Depression and how we cope with this. I can only say had it not been for faith I would be in a padded cell or dead. For every bad thing that happens to you, something good comes from it. You may have to look hard to find it and it may take a while but it is there. If you stop and think we all face death everyday of our can happen in a blink of an eye. We are responsible for our well being but the man upstairs has the last word. We can help ourselves by staying out of harms way but we can't control everything. The fear of having another stroke is something I deal with everyday. Having faith is how I deal with it. I just say to myself....I live each day to the fullest and the best way I can. It is like the domino effect. If I am good to myself and happy than it rubs off on everyone else. I deal with depression much the same way. Of course I am on Zoloft because I don't want to kill my husband or family! LOL! But you can make the best of a situation or the worst. We all have choices and we all have crosses to bear. This is something I can guarantee. Faith is something I found can work. If you don't have it I am really is grand and works! I have a peace about myself that I wish everyone could have.

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