A Hug From God 
by Ellie Braun-Haley

When my granddaughter, Jani was 3 we were at a tiny neighborhood park. It had wee hills and was landscaped so that most of the houses were not visible. It was such a nice place. It was cozy and felt safe. Everything about it felt good!

Jani was on the swings and as I sat on a bench I had this warm glow sensation. It was like something loving was communicating with me. I can not adequately describe this feeling but it felt so peaceful!

I called Jani over and asked her if she would sit on the bench with me. She did. Then I asked her to close her eyes and just feel. "See if you can feel anything!" was what I said.

She closed her eyes and sat perfectly still. After more than thirty seconds she was still sitting there perfectly still. After another thirty seconds she was still sitting with her eyes closed. I waited and waited. Finally I put my hand on her shoulder and said, "Jani."

She opened her lovely trusting eyes and looked at me.  

"What did you feel?" I asked. 

"Oh grandma", she said "It feels like God is giving me a hug!"

My sincere thanks to Ellie for allowing Egogahan to post her very dear story of Jani's hug from God - I am honored by  having this treasure at my site. Visit Ellie's site, Angels on Earth.  Ellie is the author of "A Little Door, A Little Light" a  wonderful and delightful book on  communications that people have experienced with  loved ones who have crossed over into the next life. Ellie can be reached at the Guest Book or Email links below.



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