My ADCs with my Dad
by Laura

On April 20, 2001 at 2:45 a.m., I was watching TV all by myself (Haunted History), when I saw a distinctive and very definite shadow pass by me heading for my son, Vincent's room. I was about to give my Mom a lecture for being up so late because I truly thought it was her. I called her name and looked around only to find that nobody was there. My Mom and Vincent were fast asleep in their beds and I was all alone, or so I thought! :) For just a few seconds, I have to admit, I was absolutely terrified!

When I managed to gather my wits, I fully realized that it was my darling Papa Angel paying me a much welcomed visit, I had the biggest smile on my face! :) I even spoke to his picture, which I have right next to my chair where I watch TV and told him that I was thrilled that he was with me and he could stay as long as he wanted! Even before this happened, I was doing dishes in the Kitchen earlier in the evening, when I felt a definite presence behind me. I was positively sure that someone was watching me even though I knew that my Mom and Vincent were asleep. 

My Dad used to love to sneak up on me whenever I was in the Kitchen. He always used to say, "Boo", but now I guess he knows that he really shouldn't do that to me. LOL! :) Vincent has even told me and my Mom that he saw our cat, Pretty Boy playing with something that was not there the other day. He said that Pretty Boy was playing exactly the same way he did when my Dad used to play with him! :) Vincent is becoming a "Believer" indeed! 

I am so thrilled and honored that my Papa Angel has decided that I'm now ready for his visits. I've even heard his voice telling me that he would always be with me and not to worry! 

I also recently had a dream that I had in which I was given a phone number and told that if I wanted to call my Dad, I could reach him at that "number" anytime I wanted to talk to him. I immediately called that number and instantly heard his wonderful voice! I heard lots of other voices in the background too and everyone sounded so happy and delighted. They all sounded like they were having the most wonderful "Party". And my Dad sounded so happy, in fact, I have never heard him sound so happy. He was laughing and he sounded wonderful and so "healthy" too! :) 

I told him that I had been trying to reach him and he said that he knew this and he had been trying to reach me too but I wasn't home at the time. He told me that he was on a "mission" but he didn't explain what he meant by that though and right after he said this, I woke up, much to my dismay I might add. That was not a "dream", because I remember every detail about it and I was deliriously happy when I woke up and the feeling that I had was as if I had just been to Heaven for a quick visit. I was so "cleansed" by this experience and my heart was bursting with happiness and joy. :) Are you smiling yet? I certainly hope so!

I dreamed that my Dad and I were meeting at a Restaurant to have lunch and when we entered the Restaurant, the Waitress seated my Dad at a nice booth and me at a separate table with my back facing my Dad! I became very angry with the Waitress and was about to call her an idiot. I was about to ask her, Now why would I be having lunch with my Dad and want to be seated at a different table? My Dad smiled the sweetest smile I've ever seen and calmly told me that it was ok and not to be upset. He looked so wonderful, handsome and oh so very, very happy!!! :) Sometimes when I think of how much I love my Dad and how close we were and that I can't hug or kiss him, I just hurt soooooooooo much. My heart has a huge hole in it! :( That hole will never heal until I see my Papa Angel in Heaven and I've been reunited with him forever.

May 28, 2001 - I have another wonderful and completely awesome ADC from my Papa Angel!!!!  He came to me in a dream and he was 40 years old again, the same age he was when he was in Vietnam. He was wearing his fatigues and he was doing exercises, touching his toes and push ups, that sort of thing, and he was smiling the biggest, most BEAUTIFUL smile I have ever seen in my life! He was laughing at me and his eyes were twinkling like crazy because he was watching the shocked expression on my face. :) Though he didn't speak to me in this visit, he looked at me with such complete love and devotion and he conveyed his "thoughts" to me with such accuracy and precision, I was totally amazed, to say the least! There is no doubt in my mind or heart that this was indeed a truly "Heavenly Memorial Day" visit from my dearest, wonderful Papa Angel!! :) I have never seen his smile as beautiful or as happy as at that moment and my heart was filled with happiness. I don't even think I can really describe exactly how I felt during my visit with my darling Dad. He was letting me know that he is happy, healthy and always watching over me. He had a "glow" that I will never forget as long as I live on this Earth and it was truly the most wonderful gift I could have hoped for, other than actually having him here with me in person. Since that is not possible and God has his plans for my Papa Angel, I will have to treasure every message and sign I receive from him until it is my time to meet him again.

Do you see how truly wonderful and loving my darling Papa Angel is, and how very much we love each other? I proudly wore his Dog Tags today and felt that he was with me all day to comfort me, especially when I started crying while listening to the Military Marches.

June 2, 2001 - I have a beautiful white Cat named Pretty Boy who is now 15 years old. My Dad always used to clean his litter box every night because though he didn't like to admit it, Pretty Boy was his little baby and they loved each other. Pretty Boy always used to sit right in front of my Papa Angel and stare at him until he would get his undivided attention, which wouldn't take too long, believe me. It used to give my Dad the willies sometimes too because of the way Pretty Boy would keep staring at him. And, sadly to say, towards the very end of my dear Dad's life, Pretty Boy did this more and more until it became very spooky! Now that I think back on it, maybe Pretty Boy knew and realized before anyone else how sick my Dad was. Well, my Dad and I used to always tease each other about how awful and unpleasant it was to clean up after Pretty Boy, because most of the time, Pretty Boy is a very naughty and spiteful little fellow. For instance, if he's upset with me for some reason, he will leave a "pile" right in front of my bedroom door and my Papa Angel used to think this was absolutely hilarious! My Dad used a Spatula to clean out the Litter Box and we always used to joke about what would happen if we should accidentally mix it up with one of our Kitchen Spatulas. He also said that he wondered if that was why he retired, so he could clean up Cat doo -doo for the rest of his life. He even said that after he died he would come back and watch me do that chore, so I told him that he was more than welcome to do that. Guess what? I think he has taken me up on that offer because tonight right after I had cleaned up after Pretty Boy, I looked over at him because he always likes to watch me so very intently when I am doing this awful job, I saw, to my amazement and amusement too, Pretty Boy wink at me!!! LOL! Well, Folks, what do you think about that? Did my Papa Angel keep his word, or what? Also, I can always tell whenever my Papa Angel is around the house because all I have to do is look over at Pretty Boy and watch his eyes. That is a sure indication of a visit from my Papa Angel! 

Tonight too, while I was sending an E-Mail Card to my Cousin, one of my favorite Songs by Yanni started playing and I had not selected that Song either. This made me cry too because it was one of the Songs that I always listened to when my Papa Angel was in the Hospital and I was on my way to see him. Not only that, I checked each one of the Yanni Songs on that Website and that particular Song is NOT on there!!!! It made me realize just how closely my darling Papa Angel is watching over me and I hope that this encourages others to know that their loved ones are doing the same for them. Our loved ones have not forgotten us just because they are in Heaven and blissfully happy. They love us and the connection will always be there no matter what, so keep watching for those special "Signs" and you will know from your loved one's personality just what they are. As an example, yesterday afternoon while my Son and I were out in our front yard doing Gardening, a very large black & yellow Butterfly kept flitting all around my Son's head and would not stop until Vincent noticed him. This was the largest and most gorgeous Butterfly that I have ever seen! And that Butterfly flew right up to me too and touched my arm just for a second, but that was long enough for me to know what was going on! "Hello from Heaven"! 

Just one more thing that I'd like to share with you. This Friday, June 8th is my third Birthday without my Papa Angel, my Hero and my Best Friend. - Please pray that he will put in an appearance so that both my Son and I will see him. I don't want this to happen while I'm sleeping because I want my Son, who is a non-believer to know for once and for all, that my Papa Angel is "Alive and Well" in Heaven. I want this with all my heart and Soul and it would be the very best Birthday present I could ever receive in my lifetime, however long that might be. I hope I am not being too greedy or selfish by wanting this and if I am, please advise me. I love you all and pray always for your healing and for you to receive loving messages from your loved ones too. One can never have too many smiles can they?  God Bless.

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