In Loving Memory of


My Father, Thomas M. Camp, was the most honest, kind, loyal and generous man I was ever lucky enough to know. He was my best friend and always will be. He  was born in Stillwater, Minnesota on January 25, 1926. His hometown was in Hudson, Wisconsin. He was very Patriotic and served his Country bravely, proudly and honorably, first in the Marines, then the Navy and finally the Air Force. He fought in World War II, Korea and Vietnam. He was the most sincere and decent person one could ever hope to know in their lifetime. He had such an impact on everyone he knew and was a man who truly cared! He was so thoughtful and considerate right up until the end of his life.

Thomas M. Camp passed away on December 18th, 1998 from Lung Cancer. That was the day my whole World collapsed. I bought him a Plaque that played the song, "You Light Up My Life", the night before he died and played it for him even though he was unconscious.  I know in my heart that he heard it and this was the last song he heard before he passed on. He truly was and always will be the "Light of my Life."

I miss his wonderful smile, his laugh, his great Irish sense of humor and his beautiful brown eyes that twinkled and lit up when he was being mischievous. His integrity was amazing. There will never be another like him because he was truly "one of a kind."

He is survived by his Wife, Teresa; Son, William Paul Camp; Daughter, Laura L. Hayes and Grandson, Vincent Hayes. He will be dearly missed by all who really had the pleasure and privilege of knowing him. I feel extremely honored and proud to be his Daughter.

God Bless you Dad, you're the "Sunshine of my Life" and I can't wait until we meet again. 

Your Loving Daughter,
Laura L. Hayes

The following is a poem I wrote for my Dad: 

The greatest man I ever knew used to wear Air Force Blue.
His favorite colors were Red, White and Blue,
He was loyal, honest and always true!
His life was filled with honor and glory.
That would be his life story.
Who is that man, you might ask, and why am I so sad?
The answer is, you see, that man, he was my Dad.

By Laura L. Hayes
(Proud Daughter of Thomas M. Camp)


A very big Thank You to Joyce for honoring my Dad!
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