I would have written this earlier but I had to ponder on this a little. A couple of nights ago I had been talking with my sister in-law about my friend Brett and how he died in the Viet Nam war. I thought of him when I went to sleep and how my teen years than were the best. We had so much fun going to dances, football games and school functions. The dream started out with my son receiving $70,000 from his father. His father was dressed in a black suit but I remember a bluish, smokey haze that covered him like a blind,,,not moving smoke. Almost like I was looking at him through a dirty window. We then proceeded to go by him property...I remember his sister being with me till we got half way to a realtors office. All of a sudden we were going through a house that we thought was for sale but later the people came in and had said they pulled it off the market. I had a newspaper in my hand and must have got the address from that. I remember they left the door open and I yoo-hooed but no one answered. All the time Ron and I were walking...he was helping me and I mentioned I was getting pretty tired. We went to see a realtor I knew. He said he would take us to some sites...he suggested Ron to buy land and put up one of those prefab homes...they were really good and a little cheaper. As we walked along and he was taking us to our site...I turned to speak to him and there was Brett. He laughed and giggled, hugged me, kissed me like no tomorrow and said God you are a beautiful as the day we met! He just kept hugging me. I turned around and we had stopped walking. He got really serious and said this is the place...It was a village in Nam and I was looking upon a rice field that he was probably killed. He kissed and hugged me and said I must go now...but I will see you again. Now you know why I had to think about this. What do you think?

My first encounter with Brett I was very surprised. I really didn't expect to see him....let alone have an ADC dream. He was very charming as always but yet seemed stand offish. I think he wasn't sure of how I felt about seeing him yet he knew I wanted to close this door of my life and be very close to him. He was very important to me. "He vanished from my life without a trace" as they say.  I wanted him to not believe I was untrue as those so called friends told him I wasn't. I know it sounds silly, high school silly but it was an important thing to me. When I seen him I gave him the hug of his life. He asked me what I wanted to do and I shrugged. I was still startled about the whole experience. He ended up taking me to an amusement park and ridding every ride! I was whole in this dream. I didn't feel my disabilities in this dream at all. It was as if I was leading up to it and he was doing the same thing. He was very cuddly, he always was, but a real gentleman. He would smile at me and I knew what he was saying without a doubt. I did the same. I bet if we were out an about now that people would think we were NUTS!!! He told me I would see him again....I did.