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I had my first ADC last night (3/27/99) in which I actually heard my husband's voice. I was in a down cycle. That's probably the reason I found myself at the ADC website. I haven't experienced my husband's presence in a while and was feeling pretty sorry for myself. Most of my experiences in the past were what a lot of non-believers would label coincidences. As I lay in bed, unable to sleep, I looked and searched for him with my eyes. I wanted so badly for him to come to me in a way that I could "see" him. After about 20 minutes of this futile (and feeble) attempt, I clearly heard his voice in my right ear demand, "Stop Looking." However, that's all that came through and I began to get confused. He was never a man of many words while in his physical body and I said to him, "Why should I stop looking, don't you want me to contact you?" I let my fears and doubts get in the way, when I should know better! I didn't hear his voice again, but I sensed his presence and that was when it occurred to me that maybe he was trying to tell me to stop looking because he was right there with me. I asked him if that was the case, but again he did not answer. However, I slept peacefully and upon awakening, I realized that it could have only meant that he WAS with me and some answers I must find within myself and stop questioning his love and devotion so much. After all, he was very loving and devoted to me in the flesh, why not in the spirit?

Two times before he had communicated to me via the radio and that seems to be the best way for him to get through. I didn't expect anything further, but this morning, all the way to work he played songs for me. I accepted his loving communication and felt so much better! I would have rather stayed in my car and listened to his messages all day, but the demands of this life were calling to me. I thanked him for his love and presence and told him it was time for me to work, but I would be keeping him in my thoughts throughout the day, as well as I could, with the demands of my job. Midmorning I heard a thump at my office window and when I looked up there was a beautiful cardinal flapping its wings against the pane of glass. When it had my attention, it moved over to a nearby branch and stayed for several minutes. I have heard that this is another form of communication. I wasn't sure until today, as this was my first experience of this sort. Several hours later, I visited my sister for lunch and told her of my most recent visitation. She immediately tuned in the radio and started surfing stations (as I do when he is coming through--no need to listen to a whole song, every station is playing something significant when this happens). She witnessed the same and I was further comforted knowing that he is willing to share with others. It's like he is helping me to be believed, that other's don't think this is some grief-induced mental illness.

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