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Questions and Answers
By Johnny and Jim
What do you remember in the initial states of *dying* or crossing over?
Johnny: I don't remember much. I knew there had been a mortar explosion, I was real familiar with that sound. But the sound of the explosion seemed to go on and on, and I thought that was kind of strange. I couldn't see, and I couldn't really hear very much because of that explosion sound, I could hear voices a few times but not make out what they were saying. It was confusing, but only in a dim way. None of it seemed very important. I don't remember having any pain, and I didn't know I was dying, didn't even know I'd been hurt. If I'd thought about it, I guess I would have just figured I'd been knocked out or maybe had a concussion, but I wasn't thinking. Then I did know somebody gave me a shot, I felt that but kind of light. I was more like just floating, and then I guess I passed out. Jim: I was killed instantly. I felt no pain and I wasn't aware of anything different, but I felt a huge thud and at that instant I was out of my body. I looked around and realized that my perspective had changed and at first I couldn't believe that I was looking at myself. I was somewhat elevated but only know that because I remember looking down at myself. It took a few seconds to realize that it was me. I was confused and the situation was confused - we were taking fire and there was nothing that I could do to help my buddies. Nothing - and I wanted nothing more than to be able to help them. I was completely frustrated in that attack and I was not really aware of what had happened. I am aware that a couple of others were also hit but what happened I don't know. A little while later - seconds, minutes - I don't know really because I was fast becoming aware of a feeling of no time. I watched as my body was carried into the compound by my buddies and I felt immense sadness. I didn't go into the base - what was the point? I realized that they couldn't hear me. Now I started to think - was I dead? But this didn't feel dead to me. I looked down at my hands - still there. I started to think about home and instantly I saw Judy in her room. She was writing me a letter and she became aware of me, but just shrugged it off. I tried to talk to her and I couldn't. It was more than frustrating - I can tell you that. Most frustrating thing in the world to try to talk to someone and they cannot hear you. She quickly faded out of sight and I was in Texas with my grandmother and I couldn't get her attention either. And just as quickly I was over to my father's house and again, no one was aware of me. This was fast turning out to be a terrible trip home. I then became aware of a buzzing sound - behind me - getting louder and I turned and saw what appeared to be a tunnel and I could see light at the end of that tunnel - oddly beckoning me. I started to walk towards it slowly - and then somehow the movement of my body accelerated. I say this as I don't remember increasing the pace of my stride. Going through that tunnel was a trip - very fast acceleration and yet no fear. The light at the end of the tunnel keep getting brighter and brighter yet it didn't hurt my eyes. I looked around at the inside of the tunnel and almost got dizzy - I then turned my head towards the light and concentrated on that. I remember that I almost panicked thinking that I didn't have my rifle with me any more.
What do you remember about arriving in the Afterlife?
Johnny: It seemed like I just woke up and I was here. I don't remember any tunnel or seeing light, like people say, I guess I slept through that part. When I woke up, I was lying in a meadow and it looked like home to me, where I was from. Then I saw people coming, and they were friends I knew, and some family. Then I was confused again because I started thinking how could they be here when they had died. The first one to come up to me was Ernie, my good buddy who had died in Vietnam just a little while before then, and he put his arm around me and I started to be aware of where I was. Everyone came up and welcomed me, and then a man came through the people to me and I knew it was Jesus, I just knew who He was, nobody had to tell me. I was starting to feel real scared then, because it was coming to my mind what this all meant. I guess Jesus could tell I was getting worried, because He took my hands and told me not to be afraid, that this was Home, that I was Home now and I never needed to be afraid ever again. When He touched me, in my mind I saw my whole life go by, it was as if I needed to see it to let it go and to understand the things I had to do next. I knew that this was the way it was now, that I got killed in Vietnam, and now I had work to do and everything was okay, everything from now on would be better than I could imagine. Jim: The Light - it was everywhere and warm and glowing. I was hugged by that Light. It was more than a hug it went through me completely. I had never known such peace and love before. All fear left me now. I still didn't understand, but it didn't matter. The Light comforted me and spoke directly to my heart and I spoke from my heart directly to the Light and the Light started turning into a form that I recognized - it was Jesus. Later - and again, I cannot put it in terms of time - but it seemed to me like minutes, I saw my mother. I knew then that I had died. That's when I knew for sure. I started to walk up to her and I looked around. Everything was so beautiful - the sky was blue, birds were singing. Trees were everywhere. It was Paradise. There is nowhere on earth to match what I walked into that night. I hugged my mother; it felt so good to hug her. God knows how much I had missed her. Other older relatives greeted me - oddly enough, some that I didn't have any memory of meeting on this side of life. A couple of buddies who didn't make it were there greeting me. Everyone was happy and what really surprised me was that I was happy. In fact I couldn't recall when I felt happier in my entire life and here I was dead. I just kept looking at my hands every so often - I couldn't believe that I was in a body. It is the oddest and yet the most wonderful feeling that you can have; to know that you are dead and yet feel more alive than you ever have before.

Can you see us - do we have any privacy at all?

Johnny: Yes, we can see you. We can see you all the time, if we want to. You wouldn't have any privacy if we were rude, but I think just about everyone here is understanding about privacy. Another thing, we all are busy here. We will pay attention and be watching you when there is some need to do that, or when you call us, but a lot of what you are doing in your lives does not have any interest for us, we aren't needed, so we don't pay attention to that. Jim: Yes, you have privacy. We can't see you when you don't want to be seen. And yes, we can see you. When you think about us, we see you. We can also see through your eyes sometimes. This is hard and we can only do it with your permission. But we can see like this as well.

Can you be in more than one place at one time?

Johnny: Yes, we can be in more than one place at the same time. It's not hard to do that, you just divide your attention and you are where your attention is and your attention is full in each place. Myself, I don't like to do this too much, I don't feel real sure that I'm giving everything the full value, but they say we do. Maybe I'll get more used to it as time goes on. I will say, you there on Earth do the same thing a lot, like when
you're doing two things at once, but here it is possible to have your full attention on those things and be completely there.
Jim: In one sense, yes - and in another sense, no. Let me explain. We are in human form like you and so it looks and feels like we are in one place at a time. However, whenever we think of somebody with love then we project ourselves to that person, and they can see us. And of course you can think of several people at the same time and project out simultaneously. It's not too much different from your state in that you can be at work and be thinking of doing other things and yet still function at your work duties.
How do you travel in the Afterlife?
Johnny: Any way you want to! You can think of a place and you will be there. This can get pretty confusing at first, you have to learn to be subtle. We can fly like birds, we can run like deer. We use the way that we need or want. Jim: Travel is almost instantaneous in the Afterlife. You think and desire to be in a place and you are there. For those who have recently crossed over, they have a tendency to want to keep to their old ways of doing things for a while. And so, it is not unusual for a person to desire a car and travel in that for a while. Mental abilities are greatly increased in the Afterlife - you have no idea what your mind will be able to create over here. The possibilities are endless.
Does prayer help?
Johnny: Yes, it does. I know it's easy to think that prayer isn't much good, when you pray for something and then it doesn't turn out like you wanted. That's a mistake in how you understand what prayer is. Prayer is for opening up the lines of communication between where you are and where we are, or to be real exact, between you and God. Keeping those lines of communication open is the important thing. If you do that, it gets easier and easier for God to talk to you, and the easier it is for Him to talk to you and get close to you that way, the easier it gets for you to know what you should be asking for, when asking is what you need at the time. A lot of the time, people ask God for the wrong things, they want it to happen their way and that's not how it works. If you are praying for somebody else, what you should do is pray that the lines of communication between that person and God are opened up, or are opened up more, and just ask God to do what His Will is for that person. This helps the person and it helps God. An example of a messed up prayer is when you go begging God to save a person's life and that is not God's Will that time. Living on Earth is not always the greatest thing in the world. If God has something better in mind, it would be more of a blessing if people get with the program. Jim:  You bet. Prayer is one of the most important things that we can ever do - on both sides. Don't ever sell short what prayer accomplishes. The most effective prayer is "God's will be done."
Are there animals in the Afterlife?
Johnny: Sure are. A lot of them arrive here all the time. They don't have the problem people have in accepting where they are. They come in, take one look, and jump right in. Now that Barb and I can talk to each other, she sends me the spirits of animals she sees, the ones that get hit by cars and stuff. They don't really come to me, they just come here, but when she gets my attention to them I do see them come in, and it's a real treat. One time she made a mistake, thought she was sending me a possum or something, and instead she sent me a piece of retread tire! Now, that was quite a surprise! Jim:   Yes. All kinds - even animals that you have never seen before. You are reunited with your pets. Just remember that the Afterlife has everything plus that you have in the physical world. Animals are released from the instinct that serves them so well in the natural world - the instinct to hunt and kill. There is no need of that in the Afterlife. And so scenes of the lamb and the lion lying together are often seen here.
Is there continuing education or do we just acquire knowledge?
Johnny: You acquire some knowledge when you cross over. When Jesus touches you, you will know a lot then, mostly about your past and understand some of what your work will be here. Other things, you learn from the friends or family that stay with you, because you will all be working together. There are a lot of ways of learning, it really all depends on what you want. There are schools for some things, and there are set-ups where you are learning directly from a Teacher. God has not stopped creating, so in a lot of ways the learning never ends but it can change direction or focus. Jim: When you cross over, there is a time of a little disorientation and when you see the Light, you immediately realize that life is eternal and Love is the most important essence in the universe. So you do gain a lot just by crossing over. But there is continuing education over there - whatever a person chooses. But it would be very boring if we had all the answers, and we don't. Because God is Infinite, we can never know all the answers. So the Afterlife is full of activity and part of that is learning. It is a very exciting place to be.
What happens to people who don't believe?
Johnny:     If you mean what happens to people who don't believe in God, they have a surprise coming! Sometimes when they get here and the understanding is open to them, really just given to them, they kind of refuse it and go around pretty confused for a while. If you mean what happens to people who believe in God but aren't too sure about some of the things they were taught, that gets straightened out pretty fast, they are open to it but they just have to see it to believe it. Jim: It depends on the person and the circumstances of why they don't believe. I have seen a few cross over that didn't believe in the physical world. Some didn't believe because of bad experiences with other so-called believers. These people seem to be open to learning and they do. It doesn't take them long to figure it out and move on in a positive way. Others don't believe out of a belief in the superiority of their own mind. Sometimes these people go to sleep and continue to sleep for a very long time - because they have convinced themselves that there is nothing there; others go insane; others continue to deny that they are truly "dead."
Do we maintain family relationships?
Johnny: That kind of depends on some things. At first, everyone is welcomed by members of their family that came here before, which can also be people they had never met in their Earth Life, but there is a familiarity, you still know them. After that, it depends on a lot of different things. I go and visit with family that is here, but my work is not with them although some of my work is with family still on Earth. If you were close to your parents there, they will be close to you here also and the same love exists but you don't need them around you all the time, you are safe now and content, and you don't need someone looking after you the same way that parents look after children in life there. Jim: Of course. If the relationship was a loving one, of course those family bonds are maintained. If the relationship was based on hate and hurt, then no. We are then given other people who become our substitute family members when the original one was not good - and eventually we come to believe that they have always been that relationship to us. I want to say here that it is the Love/Spiritual Bond that connects us - not the physical blood ties.
Describe the Afterlife.
Johnny: Parts of it are a lot like Earth, or I would say exactly like Earth but perfect. The Afterlife is not up in the air some place. It exists like an overlay on where you are now. But the Earth is a physical place, and the Afterlife is not. The Earth has borders and the Afterlife does not. The Earth is like a shadowland compared to here. Also, the Afterlife is not just a perfect copy of Earth, there are other places, it includes all you can see of the Universe and all you can't see, and still there is more of it. Eternity is a word that describes it pretty well. Jim: You've got to be kidding! How much space do I have anyway? Picture the most beautiful place that you have ever seen on earth and then multiply it by 100 million times - that's the Afterlife. And imagine the Love that is more than 100 million times that you have ever experienced in your entire life combined. And the peace - you will not be able to understand the peace that is here - and not just in the outer form - the peace that is also in your heart. It is indescribable and there is no way that you can even imagine this kind of peace while you are in the physical world.
Is Heaven the same for everyone or are differences allowed?
Johnny: There are differences. You can create here what you want, and people who are interested in the same things, or doing the same work, create their surroundings together. You create with your mind. It's agreed with everyone how the basics will be, but individuals can add or see their own personal things, too. We also go back and forth between groups for different reasons, so you get to see and be part of what others have created. If you are wondering about things like segregation, about religion or about race, that does not happen here, that gets lost as soon as you come over or pretty quick afterwards. But people who have experiences in common will often be working together, and people who are of the same race there will still have that difference here but it is not a division between people like it is on Earth. Jim: There's a saying that you know over on your side: What is Heaven for one is hell for another. And this is so true. Heaven is varied for each person.
Will Heaven ever get crowded?
Johnny: Not a chance. Jim: Heaven will never be crowded, no matter how many people go there. And God wants all to be there with Him.
Can you meet anyone who has ever lived and died?
Johnny: Yes, you can. You are probably thinking about being able to meet famous people who are here. But they were only famous on Earth, it is not exactly like that here. But if someone was special to you because you liked the things he or she said, or what they stood for, then you might be working with them here, and you will still respect that person who might be your Teacher. People who had great gifts there still have them here. Jim: You can talk to anyone who has ever lived before but only if they also desire it.
Do you see God there?
Johnny: No, not in the part where I am. I have never seen Him yet, we don't go to His complete presence until we are ready. This doesn't mean anything bad, it does not mean there is something wrong with you. There are things that need to be learned first, and that takes time but you don't have an awareness of the time it will take, you don't feel pressure like you have to get this done or that done in a hurry. But I need to explain something else. We don't see God, but we feel His presence all around us, we are real aware of God and what He wants us to be doing and the Love He has. We don't feel separated from Him even if we haven't gone to His complete presence yet. Jim: God is everywhere in the Afterlife - He completely surrounds us and we are aware of this unlike you. He is the very Source of Life and without Him, there is no universe - there is nothing. But to see God's Being, no I haven't. But I and countless others have seen Jesus who is the invisible God made visible
What can you say to us about the Bible?
Johnny: It is the best thing in one place that you have to tell you about God and turn you to understanding that you are spirit before you are flesh and after. Other things will teach you and help you understand things in the Bible, but if I was going to recommend one thing I would recommend the Bible. Jim: The Bible is the Word of God - that doesn't alter once you arrive in the Afterlife and we do read it. It's our direct link to God. People mistake the Bible as a history book, a science book or whatever. Instead it is the Spiritual Book and it's the spiritual truths that are known as the Bible over here. Don't make the mistake of studying the Bible for historical accuracy or the scholarship of who wrote what when - study the Bible for the Spiritual Truths it contains.
Assuming you have a body of some kind, describe it.
Johnny: Well, it's in great shape! It looks like my body did there, but I could change that if I wanted to. If you were here, I would look solid and feel solid to you like I did to people on Earth. From there, if you see me, I might look solid or I might not, and I would not feel as solid as physical people there. The body you have there is a real efficient shape, and you are used to it, so most people keep here what they had there as far as how it looks, maybe make a few cosmetic changes. Jim: Sorry, this one makes me chuckle for it's really easy, but so hard for you in the physical world to understand. We are human - and we look human. We don't have wings and halos. We are not a beam of light. Unknown to you, you are born with a spiritual body encased in your physical body. When the physical body dies, we continue living in our spiritual bodies - the ones we have had since our birth. Our physical features look very similar to when we were in the physical life, unless we were unhappy with them. We are youthful in appearance - again, as long as we want to look like that. Most do.
Do you wear clothes, and if so, what are they like?
Johnny: We don't have to wear clothes, but understand that because everything here is pure, there is no embarrassment, it is all innocence. But most people like to wear something, and it can be anything they like. Most of the time here because of my work, I wear the same stuff I wore in Vietnam -- except now it is clean! The boots are more comfortable, too. But when I go other places I wear other things Jim: Yes, we wear clothes! Now if you enjoyed being in a nudist colony in the physical life, you obviously will not like wearing clothes and so you don't wear clothes. But most do. Clothes are similar to yours - we wear what is comfortable and appropriate to the task we are undergoing. Sometimes, we have all been known to wear white robes - sometimes when trying to communicate with our loved ones. We do this because this is what you expect us to wear.
Do you eat and drink?
Johnny: We don't have to eat or drink to maintain our bodies like you do there. But we can eat and drink, and often we do. You will understand this better if you think about the good feeling it can be to be hungry and then eat something you really like. There is no reason to do without those pleasures, some of them are a kind of love. What you enjoyed there, you can enjoy here. Jim: The incredible thing over here is we don't have to have physical nourishment the way you do. But we all need spiritual nourishment and from the Source - that is God. But we do enjoy the sharing, social and the spiritual aspects of what food and beverages symbolize, and so at special times and gatherings, or at any time we choose, we can eat.
Do you live in houses?
Johnny: Sometimes. It depends on what somebody wants. There are houses here, people create them. You don't need them for shelter, but maybe you want a house because it is a pleasure for you. Jim: Yes, if we want - and they are varied from modest to magnificent. Again, it is our choice to where we live and what it looks like.
Do you work, and if so, what is your work?
Johnny: Everyone works, it gets boring to just sit around. But it isn't a necessity to live, like it is there. You want to do something, and there is a lot to do. My work is mostly with people who fought in the Vietnam War and survived. Most of us who crossed over during that War are working with that. There is a spiritual side to War, and we work with that. It's to help people understand the spiritual side of it. Jim: Yes, I do a number of different things. I counsel soldiers (of any nationality) and civilians crossing over. It can be confusing initially for those who die a sudden death. I help get them initiated and comfortable in their new surroundings. I also like to work with my hands, and I build houses and buildings over there. While it is true due to the powerful mental capabilities that our minds enjoy over there we can simply do this by thought alone. However, there are many that enjoy doing it the "old-fashioned" way. A lot of artists still work this way instead of simply using their minds.  We are freed from the constraints of the physical world and have no limitations - only the limitations of our mind. And we do not work for a paycheck - there is no need for money or financial institutions.
If you stay close to people you knew on Earth, who are they?
Johnny: Well, I'm close to Barbara, you know about that. Also her husband, he is part of my work. I have some responsibility for some other guys I knew in Vietnam, and for some members of my family still there on Earth. People don't always work with their family members, sometimes it's better for someone else to work with them Jim: Yes, I stay close to those that I love - I watch over them from a distance. I have two sisters, a half-brother and my father still in the physical world, and of course, Judy -  and other family members too. Some are closer to me than others because of the spiritual bonding. Most of them are not aware of me.
Are there any family members with you? If so, which ones?
Johnny: Grandparents and a few others, mostly relatives that came before my time. They are not always with me, but they are here, I see them. I should probably tell you that I don't give out names of people here or say much of anything specific about others. There is a reason for that. A few people have asked Barb to find out from me about this person or that person. It's not wrong to ask things like that, but I don't tell Barb because it's not her work there to get information like that for other people. If I give her those answers, next  hing you know it will turn into her work. Jim: My mother is over here, as well as my grandmother who came over not too long ago. There are others, but it really depends on who you share a close spiritual bond.
What do you feel now about the Vietnam War in which you died?
Johnny: I feel sad about the War when I see all the destruction it caused. And believe me, you can see it all from here. People wonder how God can let wars happen. I can tell you, God doesn't like it either, but if He stepped in then people would not have free will. God does not cause the wars, Evil causes them. You may ask what Evil this is, well, it is the Evil that existed from the beginning, the Evil that makes people seek to be the ruler of life, to bend other people to their will. What they are trying to do is to take God's place over others. The good news is, God will forgive everything, if people just ask. It's like the words to that thing you say in church: "I have done those things which I ought not to have done, and I have not done those things I ought to have done, and there is no health in me." That says it pretty well, and no matter what anyone has done in their life, no matter if they think they really sinned, no matter if they fought in a war and killed people, those words sum it all up just right and it is no more and no less than that. I should know. Jim: Most wars are all the same, I suppose. And they start in hell and they flow into the hearts and minds of men. Hatred and desire to rule over everything usually is what one side starts to do. And then the other side reacts. Now if the other side reacts with good and noble ideals to try to protect innocent people from being slaughtered, then it has to be dealt with. I thought that was the lesson of the Holocaust. But some wars are not all cut and dried;  good versus bad - there's a lot of bad mixed up with that good and a lot of good mixed up with that bad, and certainly Vietnam was like that. There were great injustices done by both sides.
What would you like to say to Vietnam Veterans who survived?
Johnny: Well, they already know that war is a bad thing even when you do it because you're trying to do a good thing. In Vietnam, both sides thought they were right, and both sides carried that belief. Then when you were there really fighting it, it started to get pretty confusing about what right and wrong were, and whether you were part of a good thing after all. The thing to remember is that God looks in your heart. A lot of people didn't want to kill, but they were pledged to follow orders. Other people were okay about killing because they thought it was for a good cause even though they regretted the whole situation. God knows the real motivation of each individual. If someone is remembering the people they killed and the friends who died, there are two ways to go. You can remember it all and keep on fighting the war in your feelings, keep on being mad, keep on feeling guilty. Or you can ask God to show you the spiritual purpose of the Vietnam War -- there is one, it did not happen for no reason, there are things to see and to be learned. There is nothing God will not talk to you about, and there is nothing He will not forgive and there is nothing He will not heal. There is a great opportunity for guys and the women who served to still get the victory, and I am talking about the survivors on both sides. Just start asking yourself, what does God want out of this, what's in it for Him? I'll give you a real good clue: God loves the Vietnam War -- not the evil, not the pain, but He loves the people even though wrongs were done. Try thinking about it with the same love or compassion that you would give to a child that makes mistakes because it doesn't really know what it's doing.  Jim: The burden you carry is enormous and the only way for true healing - for anybody's true healing for anything - is to give it to God. For the most part, we were all kids going over there and we all came of age in the most horrible of circumstances. Many times we were forced to do what we wouldn't have ever done. And this caused a deep and abiding pain in each one of us that only God can heal. Come unto me, all ye that labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. For my yoke is easy, and my burden is light. Matthew 11:28,30. We pray for your healing and you are always with us in our hearts. Do not mourn us for we still live.
What would you like to say to people who have lost loved ones?
Johnny: They are not lost, they are found. What you have with physical life on Earth is not a given, it's a loan. And the true riches of life, the ones you love, are stored up for you here in Heaven. If you have something to work out with somebody who died there, you can still work on that. If you need somebody with you, that person is still there. What did
you love about them, just their body? If you think about that, maybe you will see that any person or creature is more than just a body, even to you.
Jim: We understand your great grief at being separated - that is only natural because to a certain degree, we also feel grief at being temporarily separated from you. But please, for your sake, get it into your hearts and minds that you don't have to worry about us - we are truly well. And we are truly waiting for you! If you only knew the truth!
Can you see the future, and if so, would you tell what you see?
Johnny: We can see a little bit in the future of people we are close to by personal love or the ones we are working with. It is not our place to be telling what we see, although some do it. You are not going to learn very much if you can avoid the hard parts of life, and most people would avoid those things if we say something is coming up. If you really think about it, you'll see that the hard things in life give the best rewards, a lot of the time. You might not think of what you get as a reward, but from the spiritual side of your life you can see it. Jim: No, I don't see into the future - it's my personal belief that only God does that. But I have been able to see "scenes of the future" that will personally affect me and that was done so that I could heal faster. Mostly, it was future scenes of being reunited with my loved ones. Sometimes we do come to a person in the physical world trying to help prevent a tragedy - these messages you hear as your intuition speaking. So on that level, we are given to see the future a small bit. But we are human just like you, and if we could see into the future, we would try to put our personal spin on it just like you would.
What was it like to watch Barb/Judy processing the communication with you in the very beginning?
Johnny:     At first, way back when everything happened, it was real frustrating when Barb didn't get it. I thought I had a chance when she got involved with fundamental Christianity, but then that didn't work out because the way they teach, if you hear a voice with your spiritual ear it's either got to be God or a demon, so where did I fit in? She finally started picking it up just a few years ago, and she knew it was me, this time she was open to it, and for a while there she thought it meant I was alive on Earth. That was the way I had to trick her into paying attention, and it was okay for a start. After a while, though, I knew she was gonna find out the real truth, she was pushing hard for that. So I kind of backed off and shut up. I couldn't bring myself to be the one to tell her. When you hear that there is no sorrow over here, that's a process, not an immediate thing. It hurt me to see her finally discover that truth, when she is hurt I'm hurt, but first chance I got I was talking to her again and by that time she did know I was really there, really with her and had been for a while, and she got the whole message and then she really knew, and she accepted it. That's been good for both of us, believe me.  Jim: When Judy prayed to God for my presence, it gave me permission to communicate with her; I didn't have it before. And so that made me very happy. At the same time, all that grief that came spilling out of her after being pent up for 23 years - it hurt me to see her in so much pain - and a lot of it could have been prevented. If only the world would listen and see the Truth about the Afterlife and teach this Truth to the children, there would be a lot more healing and peace in the world today.  In the beginning of the communication, it was exasperating to tell you the truth. At first to get her attention, I spoke to her so that she could hear me with her physical ear. Just a few words here and there - and the communication very quickly became telepathic. I was trying to get it over to her so quickly and she was desperately trying to receive the information. But I soon had to slow down. A concept that we are still human was very hard for Judy to grasp. At times, I would have laughed at her, but it was just too sad for her pain to do this. We both expended a lot of energy - me trying to get these concepts across - and her worrying about losing her mind. She would hold up her hands and I would hold mine up in the same way touching her - trying to prove that I am really alive and she could feel this and yet she still thought that it was all in her mind. And of course, it was just maddening when she would argue with me and that was quite often. I would tell her something and off she would go that it just couldn't be! But I have to tell you that I am very proud of her - she did learn the truth about the Afterlife - and that's not an easy thing to do on your side. And now she's trying to carry the message to others.

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