By Rich V.

When you first learn to see Auras, the conditions must be just right - after that you can even see them in bright sunlight if you like. Try it outside, then you can see all the Auras of all living things. Plants and tress are the best.  The Joshua Trees where I live are unbelievable. Auras of people can also be seen after you practice.

1) It must be almost full darkness or about what a quarter-to-half moon night would be like. The light outside should be that period of about 30-40 minutes before total darkness. This amount of light will result in the brightest of Auras. Try to be in an area where there is very little or no light from cars, houses or anything artificial.

2) Pick an object close to the horizon, say a star or the top of a tree, but it must be a point at which you are looking. Pick a point that is very near trees and other living things.

3) Relax your eyes, but stare at the point you have chosen. Continue to stare at the point until your peripheral vision starts to black out and it appears as though you have tunnel visions. You must continue to stare at the point all this time.

4) While still looking at the point, start to move your head slightly from side to side. As you do this, you should start to see a glow around the trees, or bushes close to the point that you have chosen. Continue to rotate your head (while still looking at the point) and you should continue to see bright light (bluish-white).

Practice this for awhile and you should get better and better results. At first, the Aura is seen when you are looking at the point through your peripheral vision. You cannot see it directly. If you look at it directly, it will disappear. After some practice, it will become easier to see it while looking directly at the tree or whatever point you have chosen.

You can increase the brightness of the Aura by concentrating love or energy to the tree. Tall cactus are the best to start with for they have a lot of energy and are very bright. The time it takes for your eyes to black out or get tunnel vision is probably 2 to 5 minutes or more if necessary.

When you keep staring at the fixed point, unusual things will happen. Your vision might appear to go positive and then negative, like a piece of film. That's okay; it's just your Spirit sight trying to look through your eyeball. The main thing is to relax your eyes while you keep them totally fixed on the point you have chosen. It might take several minutes or more to get these unusual sensations.

Our Thanks to Rich for these instructions!

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