This website is in memory of my son James Gary Vance who I brought in this world and lost on August 14,1999.  Losing a child is the hardest thing any parent can ever go through, I know I've gone through it and continue to go through the pain.  What makes it worse is when you lose a child due to the negligence of another person.  In my case it was a doctor and three nurses. 

My pregnancy had complications just as I did with my first two pregnancies, but my baby was fine and healthy until around my eight month.  My son was violently shaking at times and I asked if a fetus have a seizure in the womb and was told no.  I was told I had toxemia and then told I didn't.  I tested positive for Strep B.  When you test positive you are to be started on antibiotics and I wasn't.

The doctor then ordered me having OCT test (Oxytocin Challenge Test) where they put you on Pitocin and put you in labor to see how the baby is doing inside the womb.  My first test I was told was normal and I had one deceleration.  My second test (which was one week before I delivered) I was told was normal and in fact it was VERY abnormal and if my son had of been taken that day he would be here with me today, because he was dying.

I found all of this out after I lost him by researching Anoxia (which was what the doctor said was the cause of death) and strep B.  I went  to a lawyer not for the money, but to stop this from happening to another child and the parents. That's when I found out about the Texas laws pertaining to stillborn babies and it is very cruel to say the least.

My son was fullterm, weighed 8lbs 10oz and was 18 inches long.  But because my son did not take one breath he is not seen as a child, he is a stillborn.  He is a person, I held my son for hours, I counted fingers & toes.  There is NO way anyone can tell me my son was/is not a child. The only thing I can do for James now is fight for him. I'm forming an organization to fight for the rights for stillborn  children and the parents who lost them.

I would like to encourage people who read this website to right your congress and state representatives to pass a law for these children.  That's why I did this website, this is the  ONLY way anyone would know my son existed.  I want to thank you for taking the time to read this site, I can speak for myself and James to tell you this means a lot to us.

If you would please sign my guest book and encourage others to stop in and read this website.  If you can offer any information and help starting this organization I deeply appreciate it.  I've got to do this for James and myself (its all I can do for him).

Please help me fight for these children and their rights. Thank you so very much and feel free to leave any thoughts or advise  and help. If anyone can offer any help or advise on how to start an organization, please leave information in comment box. Thanks!


  We will love & miss our "Lil Angel"

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