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Spiritual Issues/Afterdeath  Communications/Memorials

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Welcome to Egogahan, Apache word meaning Til We Meet Again. We're known on the Net as Barb and JudyE. It's interesting how our paths crossed in December of 1998 and we came to start this site. We share a common background as both of us were engaged to young men who died in the Vietnam war. Compartmentalizing our grief until 23-24 years after their deaths, we underwent delayed, unresolved grief. We experienced ADCs (afterdeath communications) with our fiancÚs which led to an incredible spiritual journey of discovery and healing, full of wonderful coincidences like meeting each other.

We hope that you will join us and take comfort in knowing that there is indeed a life after life.  We offer our experiences in our afterdeath communications with Johnny and Jim. There are links to bereavement sites and spiritual self-help. Judy found enormous comfort and help through the writings of 18th century scientist and Christian mystic, Emanuel Swedenborg, and there are links to various websites that publish his works on-line.

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 ADC - Jana's Cookie for Her Dad

Blessed are they that mourn, for they shall be comforted. 
Matthew 5:4

People who are in Heaven progress steadily toward the springtime of life, and the more thousands of years they live, the more pleasant and happy the springtime. This goes on forever, with the increase keeping pace with the growth and level of their love, charity and faith.
Emanuel Swedenborg, Heaven and Its Wonders and Hell, n. 414

They that love beyond the world cannot be separated by it.
 Death cannot kill what never dies.
William Penn

Vietnam Issues

  Remembering the Vietnam War
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You can help to remember!

Read Barb's Poem, Watchfires

Barb's Pages

Essays On Vietnam

Judy's Pages

Soldier Grace

Vietnam Related Poetry

Vietnam Links

Angels Unknown: A true story of Healing After Vietnam by Lynda Twyman Paffrath
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Spiritual Issues/Afterdeath Communications

The Straight Facts~Spiritually Speaking

Barb's Pages

AfterDeath Communications

Judy's Pages

 The Legacy


Afterlife-Swedenborg Information

Communion of Saints

Spiritual Issues

Rev. David Sonmor

Rev. Lee Woofenden

  The Day of Love
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Marriage in Heaven
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The Bible Lost/Found

 What About Mediums?

Death and Beyond

How to See Auras!

 Beatitudes of Grief

What Are Angels?

ADCs by Rich/Rhoda

Angelic Encounters

What About Babies?

More on Angels

Faith by Sheri

Essay on Grief

The Golden Rule  

  A Letter From Beyond

 A Hug from God


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  Rainbow Bridge

Angel Sighting

  Mail Call Sweater Jana's Cookie for Her Dad ADCs with Cindy by Joe
Meditation SectionReally Beautiful!
  Special Poem by Sheri dedicated to Egogahan 

Keep a candle burning for all of us,
 here and beyond. 
Our Thanks to Harriet for this lovely candle!

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Why I Believe by Judy


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(Thank you, Harriet!)
Harriet's Peace Page

My dear friend, Harriet made
the lovely candle. Visit her at her site:
Letters From Beyond: Inspirational Writing from the Other Side

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